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Beginner Cake Decorating Ideas To Try This Spring

Hello my fellow cake decorators! Are you looking for some inspiration this spring? Today’s post is a round-up of some cute, simple cakes to try out. Here are 6 beginner cake decorating ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

When I first started my cake journey I lived on pinterest (not that I still don’t). My board called “Cake Ideas” was loaded with ideas. Actually, I still Pin to that board All. The. Time. So I figured, why not make a post series for you with the theme: Beginner Cake Decorating Ideas. That being said, stay tuned for parts 1,2,3,4,5…

Let’s dive in!

beginner cake

This smash cake from Sugar & Sparrow is a great start to your next cake creation. You can choose any color scheme you want!

beginner cake

Katie from XO, KATIE ROSARIO shows you how to make this adorable rainbow drip cake!

funfetti cake

Chelsey at Chelsweets makes a funfetti drip cake from scratch on her blog. Her post includes the recipe and tutorial! See Post Here

beginner cake

I am in love with this cake made by Lynsey from Cakes By Lynz. Don’t be intimidated. While it looks like there’s a lot going on here, buy a cute sprinkle mix and go for it! You got this! See her post here!

beginner cake

Jenny Cookies teaches you how to make mini flower cakes on her blog. These cakes are cut from a rectangular cake! Click here to follow along.

ombre cake

All though this is an Easter cake you can use any cake topper and color scheme for this ombre cake! Learn how to from think make share blog!

beginner cake decorating tutorial

If you have never decorated a cake before, check out my step by step tutorial for beginners! I will help you learn how to make your first cake!

I hope this post helped guide you to your next masterpiece!
Stay tuned for my next Beginner Cake Decorating Idea’s post!
cake ideas
cake ideas
cake ideas

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  1. Theresa says:

    I love the ideas
    My daughter is really into it
    She’s been practising it

  2. What a great list of cake ideas! I am so glad you liked my sprinkle drip cake. Thank you for including it in your list of beginner cakes. I hope if anyone gives it a try they enjoy making it.

    1. Your welcome. Your cakes are beautiful!

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