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Easy Sheet Cake | Fall Cake Idea

I have been wanting to make a sheet cake for some time now. So, when I came up with the idea to make an easy sheet cake using a nontraditional fall color pallet, I thought I would video me making the cake to show you all how to make it yourselves!

sheet cake

I ran into an issue! Partway through decorating this cake my camera ran out of storage space and stopped recording!!! This has happened to me a few times before and it is such a disappointment when you learn that you didn’t get the footage you wanted. And it’s not like you can undecorate a cake and start over.

easy sheet cake

But… it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Not only did my family get to have some delicious chocolate cake, I still got plenty of photos of the finished cake to teach you all how to make this sheet cake at home!

To make this sheet cake I used:

13 x 9 cake pan,

a box of chocolate cake mix, and

one batch of my American buttercream icing that you can find here http://www.thepleasantbaker.com/classic-american-buttercream-icing/

easy sheet cake

I wanted to use colors that were different than the traditional; orange, brown, red, yellow, etc. I went with burnt orange, navy blue, dark brown, and lighter blue.


For the piping tips, I went with:



#5 (pumpkin stem),


#12, and


Here is a picture of the different piping tips and techniques I used to create this sheet cake.

piping tips

Don’t you just love the little 1M pumpkins I piped into this cake!? I got the idea from the cake community on Instagram. These adorable pumpkins are all over the platform!

sheet cake

Just randomly pipe all over the top of your sheet cake. When you have used each piping tip and technique somewhat evenly on the cake, fill in the empty space with all of the colors!

how to make a cake

I’m really happy with the way that this cake turned out! Even though my video footage was a bust :/

Here are some other cakes that I have made using these piping techniques!

If you make a sheet cake inspired by one of my cakes, I would love it if you would share it with me! Post a picture in the comments or if you post it to social media, tag me @thepleasantbaker!

sheet cake
piping tips
sheet cake
beginner cake